Gatekeeper is an identity management and access control program that offers single sign-on to all servers, databases and web applications within the client organization. It consists of a web application to provision access and administer user accounts and interfaces to create / modify / delete user accounts and change passwords for user accounts on each platform that is supported. Gatekeeper is Army Regulation 25-2 compliant and supports the DoD Common Access Card, Htoken, Kerberos, Yubikey and standard password authentication methods.

Arsenal is a stand-alone program that enables the user to track specific information about their firearms, ammunition and related accessories. The program does not require an internet connect and all of the data remains on the local computer. Arsenal could easily be retrofitted to track other information, such as asset management. Click here for screenshots.

Metals is a program that monitors the American Precious Metals Exchange and sends alerts with the spot price of the specified metal or specific products has reached a defined lower limit. The data is stored in a database to calculate the lowest, highest and current price then suggests which metals arecurrently a good investment. This allows the user to save time from constantly monitory the metals market and still be able to receive timely alerts to save money on their investments.

Chirp Search
Chirp Search provides a real time analysis of social media feedsthat is leveraged to predict outbreaks of specific diseases such as the whooping cough. The keywords could be changed to predict outbreaks of other diseases or the general mood of the geographical region.

Task Manager
Task Manager is a web application that allows the user to keep track of things that need to be done. The tasks are given priorities, deadlines,and other attributes then can be assigned to specific analysts where the process can be monitored from an overall dashboard. Click here for screenshots.

Heartbeat is a web application along with supporting agents that keeps track of critical infrastructure components such as CPU temperature, CPU utilization, memory utilization, file system space, database availability, etc. When these remote assets reach a certain threshold an email alert is sent out to provide the recipient the ability to be proactive in resolving any potential issues or serves as a primary warning when a critical asset goes offline.

Document Review System
The Document Review System allows users to upload documents for review and ratings based on a specific set of criteria. The predecessor to this project Proposal Review System allowed the scientists across multiple technology areas to submit their proposals each fiscal year for review by management. The reviewers used the system to rate the proposals for which the management team evaluated the feedback to determine which research proposals to fund.

Blood Pressure Tracker
BPT is a web application and also a stand-alone program that helps users keep track of their blood pressure readings. The program alerts the user to their current blood pressure condition (hypertension vs hypotension) and the ratings of each. Users could print customized charts to take to their doctor for review and further analysis. Click here for screenshots.

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